23 Jun 2017

And Then I Wake To Another...

Well, I woke up this morning... Pardon? No, it’s not a blues number. It’s a number I remember from way back as part of the soundtrack to that old movie, Manhunter.

When I first heard it in the movie I just thought of it as a rather pleasant piece of music. Now, being much older, it comes across as a very melancholy piece. I guess melancholy was its original intent.

Wot is it? It’s entitled ‘Evaporation’. Read the bit below in blue and you’ll understand why it now reminds me of that sad phrase, ‘Folk who’ve run out of life before they’ve run out of time.’

It’s by that ever popular band I’m sure you’re all familiar with, Shriekback and if you expand the YouTube thingy you’ll find the lyrics and what I believe is termed the ‘Backstory’ which is kind o’ sad. After reading it you’ll understand the meaning of the title. Here’s a taster:

   “The basement was inhabited by Mr. Paul Scrivens (a very old man indeed - with an old man's name - a watchmaker and heavy smoker). Mr. Scrivens had been finally moved out to some place where they could keep an eye on the poor old sod...
...his vacated flat, which you couldn't help but picture yourself in at some much later date. The night, the empty rooms - only dust and rubbish left... It doesn't take long to disappear.”

Quote;  Charles M. Schulz

“Just remember, when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.”

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