12 Jun 2017

And Then A Foggy Update...

This links nicely to the ‘problems’ over at Head Rambles.

You know that dropdown menu over on the left, Stuff You May Like... Wot’s that you say? You can’t see it? I’m coming to that... I was going through the list and found a few entries that had been deleted by that Tube of You so I went into Edit mode to clean it up.

I found the dead entries and selected them. I then noted a button below the edit area so rather than move my finger off the track pad and all the way over to the Delete key, I used that button to save time and energy. It was marked Remove and, sadly, I engaged my tapping finger a beat before my brain. Result? Remove it did. Everything. Its all gone; dropdown included. Am I stupid or wot? It’s okay, I’ve already answered myself in the affirmative, but thanks for the input anyway.

No big deal as I backed-up the template right? Yeah, right. Anyhoo, I’m much older now than I was before so getting the dropdown menu back may take some considerable time.

See May-be-Gone? You think you’ve got problems with trying to govern the country eh? Relax and remember, there’s always someone somewhere with even bigger problems...

NOTE: The list will be easy to re-build; the dropdown is a whole different square ball game. For me that is. But hay, what’s a life without challenges?

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"Smith & Wesson — the original point and click interface."

             Alan Kay.

"If you're not failing 90% of the time, then you're probably not working on sufficiently challenging problems."

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