14 Jun 2017

And Then, London Again...

Terrible images from that catastrophic high-rise fire down in London. Up near the top floors with those flames rushing up the stairwells really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Suspicious old sod that I am, I can’t but wonder if the fire could’ve been started by one of our newest bestest ever friends trying to build something very naughty in his kitchen and ending up having one of those ‘Oh-ho’ moments.

Probably not as on TV this AM, one of the residents who  managed to get out early doors, said that a neighbour had told him a fridge had exploded. As they do...

The London mayor stated that questions need answering. Can’t find fault with that one.

Quote;  David Benioff.

“The days had become a confusion of catastrophes; what seemed impossible in the afternoon was blunt fact by the evening.”



Caratacus said...

Sad news indeed, Mac. Those of us of a certain age will remember Ronan Point; it would seem that nothing much has been learnt in the intervening years. Urban legend has it that the old dear who sparked off the catastrophe by striking a match to light her cooker for a cuppa tea (and was blown across the kitchen for her pains) survived and moved, together with the cooker, to new premises some time later.

I rather suspect that certain folk in the construction industry and local government will be experiencing the dreaded "sixpence, half-crown, dustbin lid" moment in the next few weeks. Sympathy have I none.

Mac said...

I bet the guy who rubbed those sticks together all those years ago got a right kicking when his good lady tried to clean her ‘going out’ hide in those new fangled flame thingies.
And folk still do daft things with fire after all this time.
As for the dustbin lid moment - so true - and I bet the shredders are still working on overdrive. And much money moving offshore to be hidden? Flight tickets ready?