13 May 2017

And Then A Virus...

Seems our NHS is in meltdown owing to a computer virus and doctors and medical staff are actually turning sick or broken folk away because they can’t access Google. Comment of the moment for me is that wot’s below:

Call me old fashioned but just watching the ITV news the NHS could not fix a young lad's broken toe because their putes have got a virus. 
How did they fix broken toes before t'internet?

I see his point but others were quick to point out they can’t access patient records. However, why would you need to access some fellows records when he’s sitting looking at you with a bust toe? Second pointed out thingy was that doctors etc need access to records so’s to update them with the ‘latest problem’ and treatment giver. This can be countered with the simple idea that the medical folk take the name and address of the treated, uses a pen and paper to jot down the problem and treatment details and update the relevant records when the computers can be accessed again. This, of course, assumes that the young folk in the NHS can, indeed, use a pen and paper.

You lot out there of an age ever remember turning up at your doctors only to be told. “Sorry, can’t see anyone today, my pen’s run out of ink.”

I can well picture the reaction I’d get from an old school OIM if I’d ever dared to tell him we couldn’t move the rig as all the computers were down and I couldn’t do the stability calculation. In fact that conjures up such a vivid picture I can actually feel his response on the bridge of my nose.

And those IT folk out there want us all to put anything and everything out there in the cloud? Would that be that big cloud
in cuckoo land?

Quote;  Stewart Kirkpatrick.

“Hoaxes use weaknesses in human behaviour to ensure they are replicated and distributed.  In other words, hoaxes prey on the Human Operating System.”


A K Haart said...

A few days before the virus story blew up, we were visiting our optician because my wife wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses. We both smiled as the optician pulled our records from a big paper-based filing system. "Why not put it all on computer?" we whispered to each other. Yet it must have taken all of twenty seconds to find the paper records.

Caratacus said...

Similar episode for me, AKH. Recently visited our local village garage to book in the Memsahib's car for its MOT. The garage foreman - a gentleman of middling years, bald head, broken nose and a thousand yard stare - hauled out a card index system and quickly withdrew the oil-stained Caratacus file. "Yers, 'ere we are - wants doin' before the 25th. Friday OK?" I agreed, and a note was written in flowing copperplate in the enormous garage diary. I thought briefly of essaying a pleasantry about the so-called advantages of puterising everything ... but I could see that he was busy.

Mac said...

A K Haart, Caratacus,
I remember in the early days of computing the word went out that we’d all soon be paperless and I agreed. Not many weeks later, I was looking at a totally dead computer. Luckily(?) it died but a few days before the date I’d decided would be the big paper fire. Enough said.