14 May 2017

And Then, A Crisis...

Further to the last post regarding that computer virus thingy, I was possibly a little harsh on our beloved NHS as it’s obviously in crisis. By that I mean the MSM have told me it’s in crisis so in crisis it must be, right? The crisis is all to do with funding. That either means you and I aren’t giving the government enough of our money to fund it or, and this is very unlikely as it’s our beloved NHS, those in charge of it aren’t spending our money properly.

With this in mind, I was most interested in this piece over at A Tangle Web and I’ve respectfully loaned the image below from there. Don’t worry, when you leave this place the image will go back over there. However, if you come back here, the image will reappear here. It’s the magic of the mind at play okay?

Where am I? NHS underfunding. If you believe that, check this out;NHSAnd what, pray, is that all about? “You’ll look to continually develop programmes that deliver our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.” Say what now? No mention of the need to be proficient in the use of Windows XP? No mention of the need to help sick people? What, exactly, are they looking for here? A ‘manager’ to ‘Integrate’ folk from the non-binary community who may have a slight disability, preferably be of colour and proficient in the intricacies of Morris Dancing? Really, where does it all end? Once again I’m reduced to shouting out the window, “Heelloowww! Anyone out there in charge?”

Just one example that demonstrates, to me anyway, that the NHS must actually be awash with our money. Our money.

Quote;  Marcus Herz.

“Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you'll die of a misprint.”


Anonymous said...

The NHS should have its own operating system. Let's call it HOSPIX. HOSPIX could be run from an external drive so executables couldn't be loaded on the internal drive.


Mac said...

That'd work. And make 'em use the portable Tor browser.
Never mind, we'll all be micro-chipped soon.