15 May 2017

And Then, A Chip...

Yet further to the recent computer virus attack, and the NHS meltdown in particular, Anonymous, in the comments, suggests the NHS should have their own operating system but that idea may well be overtaken by the speed of technological advances.

Domestic pets and, indeed, wild animals, are now micro-chipped almost as a routine and it has already been suggested that us humans should be chipped at birth. How good would that be then? We could be monitored continually and alerted to any health issues picked up by our chip.

This chip would, of course, only be for health help and would not be at the summit of any kind of unseen slippery slope.

However, a further use would soon be found, for our own good you understand, and our chip would start to be used to ensure our taxes were paid in full and on time and from there it would be a simple and logical security step to do away with money and so each month your chip would be topped-up with credits earned, or benefits due, with automatic deductions made for utility usage, mortgage or rent payments and any other agreed loan arrangements. Sorted. No more money worries. Wot’s on your chip is wot you’ve got. It’s so safe! goes up the cry.

Upon entering into marriage, a partnership or any one of the two hundred and sixty two agreed methods of cohabiting, both binary and non-binary, the chips would become dual chips thus a husband would receive a sharp jolt, akin to a swift kick in their nether regions, should his chip get a ‘wife overspend’ alert. This swift kicking sensation would be one area of little to no change to the present setup.

Shopping? You’ll be automatically scanned upon entering shops and your chip checked to ensure you’re in credit and you’ll be informed, by an internal messaging system and five hundred free texts per month, as to the number of credits available for you to use. If you are seen to be getting low on credits or out of ‘em, a loan will be arranged right there up to your designated loan rating and your individual citizen rating coefficient. The chip will have a bar code reader linked to the eyes thus doing away with that check-out queuing and chatting game so beloved of the lonely elderly.

Coming back to health, this chip is in no way to be seen as a control mechanism, however, if you do ‘purchase’ anything on the Public Health naughty list, fat, sugar, salt an’ such, a hefty premium will be deducted from your chip. If you’re  registered as a private smoker and attempt to buy more than your monthly allowance, that purchase would be detected and rejected and the credits deducted as a form of punishment. The same would apply to alcohol, but that’s only common sense... Bodily health monitoring will diminish as the chipee reaches retirement age as they will then be considered to be close to - or passed - their sell-by date.

There you go; tracked 24/7, health monitored, no touchable money, no more muggings, all money controlled so no more worries. However, if all this is going to be reliant on one jolly big computer...

NOTE: I wouldn’t fall over backwards in amazement to learn that there’s a covert department, secreted deep the bowels of government, working on such a ‘project’. For our wellbeing and safety you understand.

Quote;  ??

"Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code."


Anonymous said...

Yes the working class issued chips will be quite safe, remember those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear in our new utopian society.

Usefully the working class chip could have a failsafe inbuilt so if the thought monitoring app detects anti social impulses it will alter the minds chemical imbalance and put the victim, sorry citizen, back on the path of righteousness/consumerism.

When said WC (how apt) citizen becomes too old and a burden on the new world, for example if they object to moving out of the nice home they paid for over 40 years of hard graft in order to house a more entitled family of various sorts who have never done a days work in their lives, then the chip can simply switch them off saving the state much in valuable NHS/pension resources, win win.

Sign me up.

My very own lovely wife has been predicting the compulsory chipping for years.


Caratacus said...

There's one thing that I find encouraging about the so-called Elite's vision for the future and that is that it is mostly bolleaux. They really have no conception of the ingenuity of men, particularly when those men have little to lose. When cash is finally outlawed, an alternative form of barter will soon take its place; perhaps small pieces of precious metals, and even copper, will be used as a form of intermediary exchange in order to cope with the realities of everyday life. It could even be called 'cash' ... I don't know. And as for the chip implants, if they're only subcutaneous they can soon be removed and worked on by a tattooed dreadlocked gentleman who inhabits the dodgier quarter of SE19 to include substantial refreshments of one's bank balance and an invite to Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea with His Maj.

Subversion, that's going to be The Thing in the future. And I intend to be around just to annoy the Beggars In Charge for some considerable time yet. Eee- happy days :-)

Mac said...

Anonymous, Caratacus,
I can relate to both forward-looking scenarios and I'd like to believe that Caratacus has got it right and go with the ingenuity of man and subversion.
However, unless chipping comes to pass pretty damn quick, looking around, I fear that with the 'help' of the education system, those man o' steel will have long been replaced with plastic replicas and thus Anonymous, sadly, is possibly closer to wot will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

Mugging would still go on because you would be mugged for your chip!
Imagine how useful a registered chip would be to any number of criminal enterprises. Of course, the unwilling donor might not survive the chip removal but hey! that's show business.


Mac said...

Damn! It would seem to be a no win situation.
Anything like this and I always end up replaying this ear-worm;
Fnord for now...

Mac said...

Thanks for the link - I think.
Seems we have an informative article from a fellow who’s ‘been there’ on the one hand and on the other we have the foam-flecked hysteria from the MSM. For me, the truth is probably lurking somewhere in between.