8 Apr 2017

And Then, My Tip...

Off we go again. This time Sweden is coming to terms with the phenomenon of  trucks with mental health problems going on a rampage. It’s tragic on so many levels.

The usual suspects are falling over themselves, again, showing their solidarity with Sweden now, doing that light-up or down of buildings thingy, changing their FacePalm avatar while police forces throughout Europe have been put on high alert to prevent any backlash and are ready to arrest anyone who dares to suggest it had anything to do with those who’s name must not be spoken for fear of being arrested.

Meanwhile, all political leaders are addressing ways to deal with the root-ball below these attacks... Pardon? Oh. Okay, cancel that.  Tell you what, never mind the mental makeup of the outrage perpetrators, isn’t it amazing how it seems to transpire that so many of those outwardly normal seeming folk who strive for high office, once that office is attained, are obviously totally insane.

Anyhoo, as financially illiterate as I am, I did, some time ago, suggest that if you hold shares in any large  UK high-street retailer, and taking into account the continual rise and rise in online shopping, you should consider dump ‘em and getting into T-light futures. You did? Congratulations. You’re on a roll then.

Quote;  Martin Luther King Jr.

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

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