10 Apr 2017

And Then, Confusion...

I’m really confused right now. I have no idea who’s side I’m supposed to be rooting for.

Bad bombs kill seventy folk and that’s very bad indeed and condemned by the ‘good guys’ who recently killed two hundred odd folk with what I can only assume were good bombs. Then, in Egypt, a couple of Christian churches are blown up with great loss of life. Damn! Who’s going to bomb whom, and with what, in retaliation for that one? Or are all those church leaders going to don their fancy dress and do that eye for an eye thingy? They seem quiet right now so I guess they’re plotting something pretty spectacular, right?

Meanwhile, in Europe, it’s getting harder and harder to know which truck or car can be trusted when out and about and as I’m not allowed to own, sorry, carry a firearm, I may well take to carrying what seems to be the most popular weapon of choice to fight these nutters with. Yup, I’m going to start carrying a candle in ma hipper. You can’t be too careful so be prepared I say. It won’t, however, be lit and loaded but that’s only common sense.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, it’s been widely reported that chocolate bars are getting smaller owing to, if I heard right, breakfast. Wot’s that all about then?

Anyhoo, good bomb, bad bomb, good truck, bad truck, lone wolf, a pack of wolves, shrinking chocolate bars, when you finally discover you’re dead I’m guessing that how you got to be dead will be pretty irrelevant to you. Along with a lot of other stuff of course.


Quote; Johnny Depp.

“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.”


Caratacus said...

It's all about how we deal with the important things in life I suppose ... I've taken to telling my ten year-old granddaughter the occasional Story With A Moral and over the weekend at the archery range I essayed small joke which she appreciated with a prolonged cackle: it concerned two old gentlemen on the 60 yard line nearest the road. As they were walking to the targets to retrieve their arrows a funeral cortege motored slowly past. One of the gentlemen carefully removed his hat and bowed his head in respect. His chum, after a decent interval, said, "that was a kindly gesture, Old Horse". "Least I could do Old Man" came the subdued reply, "I was married to the woman for 35 years".

As it says on the framed poster she gave me on birthday, "Education is important ... but Archery is importanter".

Mac said...

Still smiling and yet further proof that the old ones are, indeed, the best.
With regards arming myself with a candle, it’s not as farfetched as you may imaging as shown in this calassic clip from a classic film.