3 Apr 2017

And Then Another Head Shaker...

Further to a recent post where I said, typed, that, upon bedtime, you think to yourself that tomorrow will be better ‘cos things just cannot possibly get any nuttier only to wake and find things have, indeed, got yet nuttier, I did just that way back on Friday only to see this upon browsing news sites. With many thanks to the commenter, Snoffle Gronch for ruining a perfectly agreeable early morning. I do like the last sentence...

   Completely off topic, but possibly even funnier than the disconsolate wailing of the snowflakes. Drawn to my attention by a contributor to ConWoman.
   Loughborough University, academically one of the lowest ranking institutions outside the third world, is offering a PhD Studentship at £16k a year for four years "Exploring Women’s Embodied Memories of the 1947 Partition of India Through Dance."
"This PhD studentship forms part of the larger five year project ‘Migrant Memory and the Post-colonial Imagination (MMPI): British Asian Memory, Identity and Community after Partition’ funded by the Leverhulme Trust, led by Dr Emily Keightley. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India, this ground-breaking work responds to the urgent need for research which captures cultural memories of Partition in the British Asian community.”
   Tom Sharpe, on LSD, couldn't have made up anything so bizarre or pointless.

If you can get your head round that, you're a better man than I am Gunga Din... Wait!! There’s more!!

Hot on the heels of that beauty, I ran into this; The University of Hull offers a course in Religious Activism. Religious Activism? And that ‘course’ leads to well paid work doing what precisely? It’s also noted that students will be marked down for not being Gender neutral in their essays. Yet again, I opened the window and shouted out loud, “Hello? Anyone out there? Is anyone in charge? Hellowww!!” 

I thought we had some government bod ‘in charge’ of education? Wouldn’t you think, for the sake of the future of this country, that the person ‘in charge’ would get all those top job ‘educators’ in one place and just tell ‘em to stop trying to replace our ‘bright’ young things brains with mince, get a grip and shape-up or ship-out?

Oh, wait a minute, it’s that Justin-time Grinning lady isn’t it? Never mind. There’s obviously little to no hope for the future going by the progress made so far.

     Boat Work 1951    students-protest-in-centr-011
       Lower education, 1950’s          Higher education, 2000’s

Quote;  Albert E. Wiggam.

"Intelligence appears to be the thing that enables a man to get along without education. Education enables a man to get along without the use of his intelligence."

            Stephen Vizinczey.

"Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, trying to pick you out in the picture. Having eventually ruled out the person with the megaphone I've opted for the cheeky chap with hat askew second from the left in the boat. Second choice front and center.

Nomis eht tobor

Mac said...

I hate to disappoint you but it was about five years later than the date of that photo, probably taken by a teacher with an early box smartphone, that I joined that pre-sea school.
Obviously nothing had changed and on reflection one has to wonder if we would have been better prepared for life in the modern world if things had been a tad different.
For example, where was the safety assessment prepared by the school and the bus company relating to our transportation to and from the school and the dock? Where were the parental agreement forms? Where was the 120 page safety and hazard assessment form to be completed before use of the boat and associated equipment? Where was the 25 page safety inspection check-list relating to the boat, its equipment and the surroundings? Where are the hardhats, safety glasses, safety boots and protective gloves? Where were the life-jackets? How did we survive? You know what? Against all the lack of check-lists and cotton wool wrappings, we, and countless others, did.
To cap it all, and unbelievably by todays standards, at the end of all Physical Exercise classes, there was always a 15 minute session of no holds barred British Bulldog...

Anonymous said...


That's 5 minutes of my life that I want back! Fancy leading me (or did I lead myself sensing the opportunity for a challenge?) on a wild goose chase like that...

As for all the Elf and Softy, most of it is over done beyond the realms of common sense as you say. Saying that, I do now have permanent Tinnitus. Hearing protection was largely absent in the early days of my career and I didn't push for it either. The rest was probably down to loud music in the unit... Oh well. You never feel alone with tinnitus! I won't let it send me doolally.

Nomis eth tobor

Mac said...

Hay, top left, I’m there!! That’s me!!
I seem to have periodic tinnitus, if that’s possible, but as hearing is one of the senses given to us to keep us alive I never really took to blocking my ears. I do agree with your ‘pushing’ but what we should've been pushing for was more noise reducing muffling of high noise equipment. It may well have been a cheaper option, in the long run, than firms providing countless sets of ear defenders. Who knows?
May I humbly point you to this post;