31 Mar 2017

And Then, Smile A While...

This is interesting... okay, a little bit interesting. “UK and US accuse Russia of 'interfering in other parts of the globe'” screams the headline. Screams very quietly as it’s in print not shout. I’m betting that, like me, without reading a word, you think, “What? This from two countries that are trying to bomb the Middle East, rightly or wrongly, into glass?” ‘We’ sure don’t like Vlad the Lad do ‘we’? Poor guys right up there with Trumpton and Brexit.

Anyhoo, Friday  and you’ll be heading out the ways and later, much later, you may well be annoyed by your neighbours. Or, indeed, annoying your neighbours, so here’s a catchy toon to take you on your way. Don’t retreat straight away, give it a whirl; it’s just a bunch of folk having fun; yup, fun. Fun? How weird is that nowadays? Anyhoo, have a great weekend and if you truly do want a great weekend, remove your wristwatch, stop all your house clocks and stay away from the MSM.


Quote;  Jean Paul.

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

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