29 Mar 2017

And Then, Pop...

Did you wake to strange popping sounds this morning? I did and, after a little investigation, discovered it was the sound of thousands of green activists heads bursting upon hearing the news that Trumpton is set to burn coal again and is planning to repeal a bunch of, what he calls, industry stifling green legislation.

I guess that nice Caroline Lacklustre jetting over there, dropping a ton of Co2 on the way, didn’t give him pause for thought then. She truly believes we are killing the planet. Let’s face it, the planet has been dying since the day it was born. Like all of us. Just think what this little ball of rock’s been through over the past few millions of years and it’s still here and will be for a few more millions of years so let’s enjoy it while we can...  Take a read {read} of this and have a weep {weep}.

Anyhoo, it’s Article 50 day and our letter’s been delivered. I read {red} somewhere that the letter was something like a hundred pages long. I fail to see how you can spin, Dear EU, The UK is leaving you. Bu-by. to a hundred pages.

See how long it’s taken for them to enact the will of the majority? Compare with the speed they can enact something that goes against the will of the majority.  Never mind, it’s taken a long time for this day to arrive but arrive it has and the country can now start its exciting voyage of adventure and rediscovery. Assuming the politicians will allow that.

Quote;  Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“In 5-billion years the Sun will expand and engulf our orbit as the charred ember that was once Earth vaporizes. Have a nice day.”

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