28 Mar 2017

And Then Another Plan...

I noted a few days ago that the Home Secretary, Amber Rudderless, said she wants to remove all security and encryption facilities from a bunch of messaging applications and the like as it seems the bad guys amongst our newest, bestest ever friends could be planning and plotting stuff in virtual privacy.

If I read {red} that right, what Mizz Rudderless wants is to remove privacy functions for one and all; evil and innocent alike. Damn sight easier than just getting a grip of the bad fellows I guess. On the other hand, it could be seen as yet another win for the baddies; you think there’s an agenda at play here?

What next? Will Mizz Rudderless announces that it’s come to the notice of the authorities that the naughty folk tend to plot and scheme behind locked doors so from this day forth it’ll be illegal for any citizen to lock their home doors in case the authorities need instant access? This new law won’t, however, apply to any members of the ruling classes and those they wish to designate as ‘locked door legal’.

Look, as these bestest ever friends of ours are basically our guests, when any of ‘em start trying to trash the place, those in charge should be getting tough with all of ‘em. This is our home, right?

As previously suggested, for every person killed or hurt by one of these nut jobs, shut one of their places of worship, allegedly. Eventually the ‘good’ folk amongst them will just buy bath mats and do what they do in the privacy of their homes, the rent for which we’re probably, indirectly, paying. The hard liners will head for countries that espouse their belief system.

We all know that Amber Rudderless and her boss Theresa the Appeaser would never, ever sanction such action for fear of our bestest ever friends kicking-off in protest. What I’m guessing is that all those way above us are totally terrified of the fact that there’s a huge home team just waiting for the kick-off  whistle, whoever blows it, so’s to be able to kick the ball right back up the pitch.

Maybe the reason those ‘up there’ are doing everything they possibly can to prevent the visiting team kicking-off is the realisation that the home team would win decisively and then be very hard to contain in victory and would continue until all those involved in letting the country drift into the mire that needed such drastic measures to cleanse, had been brought to summary account.

What’s the betting that’s what’s concentrating the minds of those ‘up there’ and the reason for the slow – or not so slow, erosion of our freedoms and rights? I’m betting they’re pretty worried about the visiting team they allowed in, but absolutely terrified of the home team.

Quote;  Kurt Vonnegut.

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

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