21 Feb 2017

And Then A Bit Of This...

...and a bit of that. The first bit is a comment from I remember not where but it gave me light relief after all the usual suspects telling one and all who voted out that they are uneducated and had no idea what they were voting for. My thanks to the original author Stasi-Fantasi. Nice one.

   “I would like to point out that most of the people who voted Remain, did so without knowing what they were voting for:
   They were told that they were preventing an immediate, profound economic collapse, a self-imposed recession, WW3, the loss of 4 million jobs, bodies piling up in the streets, the loss of all foreign trade, manufacturers fleeing the country, increased global warming, the cessation of all inward investment, a cruel 'punishment budget', global pandemonium, a banking collapse, slashed wages, etc.
   These reluctant Remain voters were shamelessly and repeatedly lied to.
   Who speaks for them?”

Following on from that cracker is this bit wot I copied from the Guardian. Yeah, I know but sometimes, when comments are allowed, it can be a fun place. Anyhoo, the article relates to a BBC program about our glorious House of LardArses.

   In a programme broadcast by the BBC on Monday night, Paul Tyler, a former Liberal Democrat chief whip who now sits in the Lords as a life peer, called the institution the “best day care centre for the elderly in London”.
He said: “Families can drop him or her in and make sure that the staff will look after them very well, nice meals subsidised by the taxpayer, and they can have a snooze in the afternoon in the chamber or in the library.”

Now that made me smile loudly. That, for me, was the best bit but the full thingy can be found under this blue bit and let’s be honest, we’d all do it, right? Expense your way to the chamber and sign in seven days a month - that’s a month; not a week - have a snooze then catch up with old friends in the subsidised dining room and bar before heading home via expenses. Who’d say no to that then?

Quote;  Donald Soper.

“The quality of debate in the House of Lords is pretty high and it is, I think, good evidence of life after death”

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