19 Dec 2016

And Then There’s Very Little Jingle...

We went for a drive to a large town down the way to check-out the Christmas decorations, tree and lights to get us into the jingly mood.

It should be a pleasant run and a leisurely walk round as it’s Monday so everyone’s at work, right? After a short time on the road it became apparent that there’s nobody working in the UK as it was nose to tail traffic. This was the case all the way and we were all obviously following some old guy who should’ve hung-up his license many years ago. No, I told you, we were at the back! Well, at the back when we joined in the queue for a festive rush but very soon there were others behind us. Get it? For further clarification, there was also a brief moment when we were right in the middle and there did also occur another brief moment when we wuzz, indeed, the leaders of the pack. The new guy right at the back was probably thinking, ‘I bet there’s some old guy up ahead who should’ve hung-up his license many years ago.’

We finally got there and eventually found a parking place - which was about a fifteen minute walk from where we started out an hour ago - and had a walk round and found all the shops were total zoos but there was little in the way of festive trappings around and about the streets.

In fact we saw more in the way of jingly festive lighting drifting through the murk of a dark afternoon from many houses during our surprisingly uncluttered drive home. A lot of folk sure do go to a lot of trouble to light the season up do they not?

To make up for the disappointing lack of jinglyness out and about in the shopping streets, I intend to imbibe in  some festive spirits of my own this evening.

Quote;  Linda in Disguise.

“The amount of time and energy we spend putting up and taking down holiday decorations tells me our 'top of the food chain' claim is invalid.”

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