17 Dec 2016

And Then, Another Outage...

The other night was pretty much a none event, for whatever reason, as far as sleep went so I was at my desk way before cock crow but with a steaming cup of coffee. Okay, a half litre mug.

Upon powering up my shiny new computer I glanced at the modem and saw the all important green light blink and go red. This is not too unusual and it usually sorts itself out PDQ. This time it didn’t so I resorted to a modem reset. Several times with no joy.

With the providers help desks not opening for calls ‘till nine I was all on my own and by myself and as I don’t do that work stuff anymore I don’t have documents to work on, spread sheets to build, old fashioned letters to compose or presentations to tweak for the twentieth time and so after a relatively short space of time I came to the conclusion that a computer is a complete waste of space without an Internet connection.

Truly there is a limit as to maintaining interest in doing virus scans, deleting old, redundant E-mails or even the old favourite – arranging icons; especially if you only have the recycle bit on the desktop. Hay, I think I’ll hide it in amongst those pine trees in the wallpaper. There; you can hardly see it. Have another coffee. Now what... I’ll delete a couple of folders I’ll never use. Great! Gone. What now. Oh, empty the recycle bin. Damn!! Where is it?

And so it goes. More coffee and at last it’s nine. I excitedly phone the help desk just to have my excitement dashed upon being told I was number twenty many in a queue. Never mind, I got there, they fiddled behind the scenes while making the usual excuses and basically blaming me and contact was re-established. It’s been surprisingly solid since that call.

Man, that was a boring morning.

Quote;  Andy Rooney.

“Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done.”

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