20 Dec 2016

And Then, Nothing New...

Sympathy to the citizens of Berlin, nay, Germany, as another spate of tea-lights and teddy-bears breaks out to herald the onset of Christmas for them. Tearful group-hug selfie anyone?

It was initially reported that the carnage was wrought by a white van, made in Norway, which was being driven recklessly by a dead Polish fellow, on the far-right of the road, who’d been suffering with mental health problems.

This ‘news’ was slowly and reluctantly amended through the night as the MSM were faced with the prospect of diminishing options for further flannelling their audience. The BBC, however, managed to hold out to the bitter end. And a tad beyond.

By-the-by, did you catch that ‘ace reporter’ on TV last night? Sky I believe, but I was switching channels quite a bit, who stated, in regards to the Berlin tragedy, that ‘Christmas markets are very popular at this time of year.’ You ever get the feeling that us out here deserve better reportage than that for our hard earned coin?

Quote;  Arthur C. Clarke.

“The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be.”

            Edward R. Murrow.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”


rapscallion said...

At one stage Al Beeb had it down as "Lorry kills 12 in Berlin"
So desperate are they to avoid mentioning anything or anyone who may be linked to the Religion of Peace (allegedly).

And then they wonder why nobody believes a word they say?

Mac said...

”...driven by a man who’s been struggling with mental health problems ever since the UK’s vote to leave the EU.”
Tough one for the BBC it happening hot on the heels of their docudoodad, ‘Muzzies Like Us’.
Rumour has it they’re planning a follow-up series - for balance and to show impartiality you understand - ‘Muzzies Like Them’.
No they’re not. I made that up...