21 Dec 2016

And Then, Here I Am...

That is it then; I’ve arrived at age seventy and I’m wondering if, in ten years time, I’ll be remembering my seventies with the same fondness I now reminisce the other, earlier, seventies. We shall, hopefully, see in the fullness of another ten. To quote a wise old owl on the front of a received card, ‘People who have more birthdays live longer.’

Will I be having a big birthday bash this evening? Problem with that is, who to bash? I was never into pointless bashing and other violence.  Even if the need for giving someone a good bashing did arise, me being seventy an’ all, and nowhere near as agile as I was yesterday when I was in my late sixties, my opponent would most likely land a decking blow way before I got even close to connecting with a decent bash. Unless, of course, I found someone in their eighties deserving of a bashing...

Let’s lighten up and end with one of my favourite feel-good numbers. Have good days everyone and if you’re not yet at the place wot I’ve just got to; don’t worry. As far as I can ascertain so far, it’s pretty much like the place you’re at right now. But with many more wrinkles.


Quote;  Dr. Seuss.

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”


Brigadier O'Deere said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Mirror.

Many Happy Returns etc.

Enjoying your Blog.

Keep up the good work

Mac said...

Brigadier O’Deere,
Thank you for your kind words.
I’ll keep pecking away at this keyboard for as long as I can but I’ll stop when I find that wot I’m typing doesn’t make any sense. Okay, less sense...