1 Nov 2016

And Then, These work For Us...

Firstly, after reinstating one of the computer thingies, he did start ‘perfectly’ this AM so I reinstated the second item and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

And now a Foggy tip of sorts to follow on from the white vinegar tip. By the way, it do seem that, and this sounds ridiculously contradictory, the more I use the vinegar, the less I seem to have to use it. Think it through; you’ll get what I mean.

Where am I? Right, here I be. Old houses again, with cupboards an’ such on outside walls. Don’t use ‘em much do you? Cupboards are just to stuff with stuff but when you look inside they tend to smell a tad musty and, damn! there’s mildew showing!!  Yes, we have the ‘big’ dehumidifier but these be stuff stuffed cupboards and leaving the doors open would seem to defeat the idea of them being cupboards.

I kicked off with those one time use moisture traps and they do indeed trap moisture. However, I recently spotted these bits of kit advertised as rechargeable. Got one, it worked, musty smell gone and no hint of the reappearance of mildew. Cost of these verses throwaway jobbies? No idea so I’ll start a spreadsheet and let you know. Don’t hold your breath but never mind, ‘rechargeable’ is way better than throwing stuff away, right? We have to think of the planet, right? Right?Kontrol

I found the little fellow, called a Kontrol Electric Dehumidifier, at one of they Range stores. They advertise as rechargeable which doesn’t really work for me and I feel the word should be reusable as, like the one-time traps, the crystals attract and absorb moisture. As the crystals become saturated they change colour until the colour indicates they’re saturated. All that’s needed then is to plug him into the electrickery and an internal heating element kicks in and, over about three to four hours, dries the crystals and he’s ready for use again. This process, for us, needs doing about every three weeks plus a little bit of a week which is spookily close to the time scale of throwing away a throwaway. When I remembered to look that is.

I’m also assuming that when the crystals have had their day, they can be replaced with new.
If you do choose to try one, when ‘recharging’, put him on a trivet as he do get warm. I would also suggest this ‘recharging’ is done in the kitchen and not, as some souls seem to do, in the very place they’ve been absorbing moisture. I’m wondering if the damp penny of the obvious will ever drop into these folks world of moisture control. Very much along the lines of my big boy dehumidifier early doors...

As for the dehumidifier, he still be sucking in water like the water sucker-in he be. What are my indicators for how he be doing? Well, the contents of the water tank of course, but the kicker for me is that, shortly after turning him on, I noticed the humidifier had started to run all the ti…… Haaaay, waaaaiit a minute!!

Quote;  Monty Halls.

“I swiftly discovered that there are few things in DIY (and possibly life) that can't be solved with a large mallet, a bag of ten-centimetre nails and some swearing.”

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