3 Nov 2016

And Then It Must Be Close...

It’s often mentioned on many, many Blog sites that the moment for the indigenous population of these Isles to kick-off must be close and a few news items over the past few days must be bringing that moment yet closer.

First we find, much to our surprise, that it’s unacceptable to make jokes about religion. Cancel that;  it’s unacceptable to make jokes about just one religion; that would be the religion of the perpetually offended that you may have heard of.

It’s a strange old land where a guy having a bit of fun at a private party has his whole life put on hold but when a bunch of bearded, perpetually offended  fellows take to our streets brandishing signs calling for the beheading of those they don’t like, they usually get politely escorted by our boys in blue, truncheons drawn, to protect them from those who disagree with the idea of chopping folks heads off just because you don’t like them. This all leads one to wondering wot’s right and wot’s wrong, right? Any day now, wot will you say or type, thinking you’re free, that’ll result in a four ante meridiem door kick-in?

What’s next. Remember that Leave or remain the EU vote thingy we had recently? Remember that? Looks like we may be able to forget all about that and focus on something new as actually getting out of the EU seems to be slowly, or possibly not so slowly, getting kicked way down the road into that distant area of uncut, unkempt and can cluttered grass. I do believe Nigel Mirage bailed out a tad too early.

Then we have that nice Mr Vaz, presently under investigation concerning some naughty stuff, selected to the Justice select committee. The Justice select committee? Looks to me like there’s no justice nowhow, nowhere, no more.

Finally, and this is small beer in the grand scheme of things, I see the boss of the Scottish branch of the RSPCA, cleverly called the SSPCA, has finally quit due to the long-running furore over his salary – a very reasonable £216,000 a year. Man, you could feed a whole hell of a lot of fluffy kittens for a fraction of that could you not? Remember that salary the next time you’re tempted to drop a little of your own hard earned into some can rattlers receptacle.

Ah, big charities. Remember the Beggars Banquet from before?

Quote;  Salman Rushdie.

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

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