20 Nov 2016

And Then, An Echo...

I’m sure you’ve seen the adverts for Amazon Echo. Amazon seems like it’s gradually{?} getting into everyone’s life right now. You seen their other TV advert? Nudge, nudge.

Good enough place to buy stuff I guess but, for me anyway, that is it. Search, buy, end of ‘till next time. Remember when they just sold books and DVDs and nearly went bust? Seems a long time ago does it not?

Anyhoo, I guess wot they’ve done is take advantage of the huge advances in technology to try to be all things to all men. Wot I find a tad sad is that they reckon the best use of this technology is to produce a talking tin can. What I find very disturbing is to realise that this obviously indicates  there’s a market for a talking tin can and thus there must be a huge number of folk out here who feel the need for a tin can to talk to.

I find it all a little unsettling and I do wonder where it’s all heading. Damned if I know. Hay, wait a minute!  “Hay Alexa, do you know where it’s all heading?”
”You don’t need to know at this time.”
”Wha..? Oh.”

Quote;  Andy Borowitz.

“Cars will soon have the Internet on the dashboard. I worry that this will distract me from my texting.”


A K Haart said...

A tin can connected to the web listening to everything you say. What could possibly go wrong?

Ripper said...

Amazon's version of Cortana no doubt. Pretty soon that tin can will most likely sprout legs and arms, and a head (female of course). "Now, that's very nice Alexa, but I told you to hold my CALLS".

Of topic Mac, but are you still vaping? I've gone into mixing my own liquid. £51 bought me all the gubbins I need to make 1 litre. That's including the stuff you only buy once, like syringes. I haven't worked it out cost-wise yet but that's like 100 x 10ml bottles which are usually 3 for a tenner.

I get all the stuff from here:


You would also need a mixing calculator, and though there is one on that site, I use one called Ejuice Me Up. It allows for making your own flavours by mixing up to 10 flavours. Get that from here:


Mac said...

A K Haart,
“What could possibly go wrong” How true and how long before tin cans are being summoned to give evidence in law courts throughout the land with the judge ending his summation with, “Tin can, play something sombre” as the jurors file out to deliberate.

Mac said...

Thanks for that; I’ll take a look although I doubt I’ll do any mixing. The only thing I can mix and get consistently right is coffee - and that’s after years of practice.

By the way, I’m sure you are aware of this but, just in case, type “Windows 10 key logger” into your search engine. Or you could just ask Cortana.....

Ripper said...

Yes, I'm aware of the keylogger Mac, though in Googling your suggestion there are many technical sites that tell you how to turn this off. The problem with that is, they all use the settings app. They think they are safe by doing that but it achieves nothing, the settings can be switched back on silently during updates. That's if those settings work at all, and I don't trust that they do.

Colour me paranoid if you like, but I've found that the only real way to get rid of this stuff permanently is to use the Power Shell to uninstall and delete the apps, then install Spybot Anti Beacon, which disables all (107!!) of the telemetry hosts. This effectively prevents Windows from phoning home in the first place.

There are a couple of Apps that you can disable but you can't delete. These include Cortana and the Edge browser. Switch both of those off and use another browser. Same for Windows Media Player. Even if you disable Bing in the hosts file for example, Edge will still connect to it. Now that's pretty serious stuff. The hosts file is a block list for admins to restrict where users can or cannot go. Any web address or domain entered in the hosts file should block the browser from visiting those sites but it seems that Edge can just ignore it.

Mac said...

My apologies, I think we are both repeating ourselves as I'm now sure I've mentioned Win 10 logging before and mentioned KeyScrambler and I also seem to remember your suggestions, above, from a while ago and I've already taken care of Billy Big Nose as per mos of your suggestions. Even so, some updates seem to revert some stuff and the protection process needs another look. For me anyway.
Never mind; thanks for your trouble in providing help. I'm sure you won't mind if I put your piece front of house tomorrow as I'm sure it will be helpful to many others.
Thanks again.