21 Nov 2016

And Then A Bit Of Nothing...

Further to a reply I left to a comment on last nights post, I wish to add an addendum as in the addition below.
NOTE: This would be the judge talking as the jury dances away to deliberate.
“Oh for heavens sake! Sombre! Play something sombre, not a bloody samba! Man, it’s like talking to a tin ca... Oh.”

With the BBC in full annual overdrive regarding children’s charities, I was reminded of a comment from somewhere relating to the debate regarding those geriatric kids we’ve taken-in from Calais. It suggested that one of the charities involved should seriously consider changing their name to Shave The Children. How cruel is that then? Sad to say, it made me smile.

As, indeed, does this which is something completely different and I feel a bit of classical music - a bit - is more in keeping with my age as I race relentlessly towards a body age of 70 whilst attempting, with some success, to maintain a brain age of 17. Some may say 7. By the way, be careful with that bass setting for the music. Oh, too late then.

Quote;  David Suzuki.

“We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit.”



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