22 Oct 2016

And Then, An Aging Problem...

When the government announced the start of bringing child, male, refugees to the safety of the UK after their perilous journeys through many safe countries, and that the vetting process would be conducted by the Home Office, some Civil Serpents and various charities, it wasn’t until I saw photos of the first batch that I realised Age Concern UK where at the forefront of the vetting process.

A Civil Serpent, in a statement to the gullible, stated that the process will continue in an open manner as expected from a free, democratic country that has nothing to hide and thus must remain open to public scrutiny at all times. He further stated that the reason the blinds are down on the coaches and for the security screens at the reception area are purely so the children don’t get further traumatised by the possible sighting of someone smoking in the surrounding streets.


Quote;  Dr Seuss.

“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”

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