19 Oct 2016

And Then A Dog Spot...

Further to the pet post I posted way back in early October this year, I awoke last night with eyes wide shut and a couple of lines spinning round my head relating to dogs.

I got up, me being down at time of the line spinning, and Google what little I could remember and, as expected these days, scored an impressive million or so hits.

It wasn’t ‘till much later I realised I’d posted it way back in early 2011 along with a nice poem relating to the Titanic.

Anyhoo, to save you all that clicking stuff, and as I have nothing new to type, here it is, a little rhyme that answers a very old question;

The doggies held a meeting,
They came from near and far,
Some came by motor cycle,
And some by motor car.
Each doggie passed the doorway,
Each doggie signed the book,
Each one unshipped his asshole
And hung it on a hook.

One dog was not invited,
It sorely raised his ire.
He ran into the meeting hall
And loudly shouted, "Fire!"
It threw them in confusion
And without a second look
Each grabbed another's asshole
From off another hook.

And that's the reason why sir,
When walking down the street,
And that's the reason why sir,
When doggies chance to meet,
And that's the reason why sir,
On land, aboard or home,
They'll sniff each other's backside...
To see if it's their own.

Quote;  Ogden Nash.

“A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.”

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