3 Sep 2016

And Then, A Thought...

Not much happening of a rainy afternoon here other than I did, however, give my head a shake and re-think the white vinegar warnings.

Okay, I wouldn’t clean my gold bars or those silver ingots with vinegar and, as per the warning, question the use of said acidic cleaner on aluminium, herein after known as ‘ally’, which, by-the-by, is noted for it’s resistance to corrosion but, apparently, not vinegar. Then it hit me. Hay, isn’t that shiny shower trim chrome? That got me thinking - and how, like, awesome is that then?

Is the trim ally hot dipped to chrome? Ally electroplated with chrome? Are those two terms one and the same thing? Will white vinegar act in a detrimental way on chrome? If so, why isn’t it mentioned in the warnings? What to do? Start on a course of extensive research? Only joking. How about I search the shed for a little chromed item, left over from some past project, and kept for that ‘just in case’ moment that rarely, if ever, arrives, place it in a small dish of the liquid and observe the results over time.

I could even construct a spreadsheet to keep track of my observations and have the results presented as a series of graphs and pie charts. Giving that idea some careful thought, I do believe I’d lose the will to live after just naming various cells.

Talking of the will to live, I believe I’ll just continue as-is and see which dies first; me or the chrome.

On a final note, I see we’re remembering the great fire of London and I feel those ‘we hate tobacco and all users thereof’ folk are missing a trick here so below is one fun way they could be re-writing history to further their cause. If any tobacco Timidadians pass by, please note the operative word here is ‘fun’.

It’s been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the fire started at King's Bakery in Pudding Lane when the owner, one Thomas Farriner, a known heavy smoker, stepped out back for a quick smoke, or a crafty Raleigh as it was called back then, while his ovens worked their baking magic on a batch of goodies.

Shortly after lighting up he smelt burning emanating from the bake-house, dropped his fag and rushed back inside just in time to extinguish a burning batch of pepperoni pizzas. Ensuring all was safe in the bakery, he then withdrew to a local hostelry for a self congratulatory ‘job well done’ drink or six.**

Sadly, his hastily discarded cigarette smouldered away awhile and finally ignited a pile of recently delivered pizza boxes. The rest, as they say, is new history. Bloody smokers, eh?

**As an added historical note, it’s a sad reflection on the attitudes of the people of those far off times to note that it was considered quite normal and acceptable for folk to have a Raleigh in a pub should they have so wished.

Quote;  Charles Dudley Warner.

“To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.”

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