20 Sep 2016

And Then, A Damp Day...

Well, this morning my little nest of vipers ‘suggested’ we do some winter preparation in the garden. This, as is usual, entailed her pointing and me crawling, digging, cutting and collecting.

As we proceeded into the wild outdoors, I mentioned that there was a little light drizzle in the air which just got me a stony stare.

As the morning progressed the light drizzle turned to regular drizzle which, in turn, turned to light rain but what the hay, we were wet so we just kept going – she said. Wet? So wot? There’s little in this world a hot shower won’t kiss and make better. Holding the thought of a hot shower didn’t prevent this old song, featured here more than once before, if memory serves, running through my mind.

Oh come on ladies, it’s just some fun, okay? Makes me laugh every time I play it. Remember, it’s just a joke. However...


Regarding the shower and the earlier ‘discovery’ of lime scale removal using white vinegar, a little bit after a while ago I entered into communication with a recently graduated snowflake who said that while white vinegar was great from an environmental standpoint, it just wasn’t shifting the lime scale at all.

I made just the one query of them and instantly ascertained their problem and thus humbly suggested that they may get better results if they sprayed the white vinegar on the interior of the shower screens.

That was also typed just for fun.

Quote;  Ann Bancroft.

“The best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they’re too old to do it.”

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