18 Sep 2016

And Then, A Bike...

Firstly, I must correct an error in yesterdays post. It should be, of course, money-Sinkley Point C and not A.

Out and about on a beautiful day which had also brought out many old guys on their treasured bikes. This had me contentedly humming ‘Too Old To Rock’n’Roll’. My happy humming was rudely interrupted by something else nagging and tapping at the back of my head.

I pulled over and, between the two of us, we managed to get that pesky wood pecker out of the car and we continued on our leisurely way. However, there was still some nagging going on and finally the word Vincent replaced the nag. That’s the nag in my head and not the nag sitting next to me.

This resulted in Richard Thompson leaping to the fore and finally, upon arrival home, locating ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning.’

A great song with very poignant lyrics. For those of you who’ve just graduated from university and think I’ve just started typing in foreign, poignant is ‘moving’ and lyrics are ‘words’, okay? It’s a tough old world out here after school and, trust me, it’s even tougher in Appless situations. Pardon? Okay, try ‘tuff’  and ‘tuffer’ then.

Below is the song wot I be talkin’ about and I thought one of the YouTube comments pretty well summed it up;
“This song is what chrome sounds like.”


Quote;  ??

“98% of all Harleys ever sold are still on the road. The other 2% made it home.”


Caratacus said...

Lolled - as they say, out loud - at the Harley quote. And you've brought back memories of Blaster Bates on his motorbike in his early days where considerate gamekeepers would collect the various bits that rattled off his Triumph as he throbbed his way down to the manor house to blow up a few tree stumps and give them back the next time he visited. And, of course, the ever revered Ogri who used to grace the back pages of Bike magazine on his mighty Norvin. Truly, a more righteous marriage was never envisioned in Heaven than that of a Vincent V-twin shoehorned into a Norton Featherbed frame. Eeeeee, the best is gone.

Mac said...


I never owned a bike myself but remember well the Sunday afternoons spent roaming round the town with friends admiring the big beasts with those would-be biker friends salivating over the Square Fours and Bonnevilles. Then they’d go off to check out the Bantam in the showroom window - the leg-up bike they were frantically saving up for.
Ah, those ‘heady’ days when a crash helmet was just an optional extra...

Here’s a pair of memory lane links you may have already seen;