17 Sep 2016

And Then, A Little...

Yup, I’m still alive an’ kickin’ but real worldly stuff got in the way as it has the occasional wont to do and while I fully embrace the belief that you should never put-off ‘till tomorrow that which can be put off for a month, these boring things have been put-off so many times that I’d almost forgotten what they were and when I originally put ‘em off.

Anyhoo, they’re done which leaves time for typing. Sadly, I have nothing to type other than I see that money-Sinkley Point A has got the go-ahead and I’m sure that ten minute saving astronomically expensive train set won’t be cancelled.

Let’s be honest, these, and various other grandiose schemes, are just a ‘legitimate’ way of transferring huge wedges of money from one lot of gangsters to another lot of gangsters. It’s just a shame that most of it used to be our money.

This new-clear off-white elephant, looking at the time scale, and as I’ve previously opined given the acceleration in areas of human endeavour, will probably be lighting a 40 watt lamp shortly after an announcement from somewhere over in the Far East of a major technological breakthrough in the generation of abundant, dirt cheap electrickery at minimum cost involved in constructing the generating end. there’s no way the concrete pourers, bricklayers and welders down at Point A the way will get ahead of advances in technology. Really, it’s redundant before a bead’s been welded.

As for the ‘super fast’ train set, as ever, we seem content to invest in ‘proven Victorian technology’ while others with vision are investing, probably significantly less for greater returns, in the future so as the first fast train pulls out expect a similar announcement proclaiming a major breakthrough in the safe teleporting of goods and people has been achieved.

Quote;  Abraham Lincoln.

“The problem with quotes on the internet is you can never be certain they're authentic.”

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