23 Sep 2016

And Then An Anniversary...

I had a morning today that was, like, totally awesome this morning – I could’ve crafted that line a bit better you think?  - never mind, the awesomeness was the magical delivery to the desktop computer of the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

The delivery must’ve taken place in the background as all I had to do was click on that little Do It Now box and boy, did it take some time. Yes, indeed it did. So long did it take, I was expecting some, like, instantly noticeable new additions and improvements.

After the installation, that included a couple or three automatic restarts, I was breathlessly excited and good to go and let me tell y’all, I haven’t, at time of typing, spotted anything different what so ever. According to the info out there one of the major ‘improvements’ is to that Cortana thingy where you talk to your computer and it goes and finds stuff for you. When 10 first rolled up ol’ Cortina was about the first thing I turned off and I’m pleased to say she’s still off.

Happily, and thanks for this Bill, all my privacy settings were also as they were before the ‘upgrade’ so well done that man.

One thing that’s annoyed me since the dawn of the computer age, which is yet to be addressed, is that irritating blue or green progress bar you see when something is progressing. Don’t matter wot it’s indicating the progress of, could be a download, an install or a clean-up, it’s always the same; the sucker progresses along the line just fine right up to the 99% complete point then mysteriously slips into another time and space dimension where the remaining 1% is equal to the sum of the other 99% multiplied by nine. Come on Bill, get your boys to even it up a tad and spread the time load evenly, okay? They can do it with microwave ovens buddy.

Other than that, situation normal but I’ll let you know if I spot anything weird. Yeah right, like I’d spot anything weird.

Ah well, it’s done so wot to do now then... Oh, I know! “Hay Cortina, play some music. Pardon? Sorry. Please.”

Quote;  Charles Yu.

“Sometimes at night I worry about TAMMY. I worry that she might get tired of it all. Tired of running at sixty-six terahertz, tired of all those processing cycles, every second of every hour of every day. I worry that one of these cycles she might just halt her own subroutine and commit software suicide. And then I would have to do an error report, and I don't know how I would even begin to explain that to Microsoft.”

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