24 Sep 2016

And Then A Movie...

Well, as they say, I see Jerry Carbine has, unsurprisingly, won the ‘battle’ to lead the left. Right big smile all round then.

So, to get back to serious stuff, whilst motoring along various highways and byways today, with the radio picking up different local radio stations as we moved in and out of their range, I per chanced to hear two chaps talking movies.

They started discussing the new version of that cowboy favourite of old, The Magnificent Seven. I’ve also seen this ‘new’ movie advertised on that televising contraption wot we have in the corner of the living room. Anyhoo, what caught my ear came shortly after when their discussion ended and a listener phoned in and stated that he’s in the new version of The Magnificent Seven – he said he plays the part of Sneezy...

Here’s a toon to cheer you through the rest of the weekend. Remember Rednex? Back in the day, far, far, far away, enter any bar or coffee shop and Cotton Eyed Joe would be blasting out. Man, those guys made a mountain of money out of that song and most of what followed seemed to be variants of the same tune but this is a play on  a more traditional number. Have a watch and listen to The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Quote;  Alfred Hitchcock.

“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”

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