27 Jul 2016

And Then, A Tip...

I don’t go in for stock tips, other than any burger bar chain when her indoors goes far, far, far away on a family visit and I’m feeding myself, but with the way Europe seems to be heading I would recommend a strong buy, should you be able to find them and they’re listed, for any outfit manufacturing Tea-lights and other assorted pop-up shrine paraphernalia.

Anyhoo, according to the MSM all these heinous acts are being committed by loan wolves and how do you fight that? While pondering this thought I remembered tho old saying; keep you friends close and your enemies closer. I do believe this holds very true today in a way.

While we were down in London and tube traveling, survival instinct says you should give suspicious looking characters a wide berth and that was always tickling over at the back of my head. A bit of a problem as everyone on every tube looked a tad iffy.

However, I now believe this cowardly idea should be reversed and it would be far better to manoeuver, as best one can on a London tube, or at any other crowded venue, so as to get up right close to anyone who looks even remotely suspicious, shifty lookin’ and wearing a knapsack and/or a bulky jacket. Why do that then? This is the ‘keep your enemies closer’ bit, right? 

Get close, stay alert and at the very first hint of a triggering movement and/or the sound of an ‘A’ reaching his lips, bring your forehead forcefully into contact with the bridge of his nose while simultaneously, with great speed, raising a knee, either left or right but, importantly, not both together, into the bad boys dangly bits.

This is a well proven, well loved manoeuver that has been finessed by the British over generations of bar-room brawling and is virtually instinct now when faced with adversity and has been the demise of many a smart assed would-be Ninja warrior.

Once the guy’s down a final kick, as a cut-the-grass, or whatever it’s called, can be delivered if deemed necessary.  Then select the largest lady to hand and instruct her to sit on the miscreant until the relevant authorities roll up as your job is done and it’s time for you to distance yourself from the scene and beat a hasty, but orderly, retreat.

Do not, under any circumstances, hang around hoping for praise or adulation from the authorities because, if you do hang around, one of two things will most likely befall you. Let’s call ‘em A and B and we’ll start with, oh, I don’t know, A: The guy may turn out to be totally innocent and was, indeed, about to ask the way to Alan’s Snackbar, or, B: As bad as it transpires the fellow is, in this modern world it’s a given you’ll be arrested as well and, in all likelihood, end up with a longer sentence than the bad boy. A or B, you’re going down so move quickly on and hope CCTV footage is really blurry.

Quote;  Bruce Lee.

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”

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