30 Jul 2016

And Then Something Different...

As I have absolutely nothing to type, may I offer up some interesting little bits o’ music?

WANING!! Please read the instructions before you just go ahead and click. Pardon? Your listening already? Damn! You okay? That’s good. However if you’re yet to click, please be aware this is country rap and just a tad wilder than the offering of a little bit after a while ago by Gangstergrass.

Tell you what, let’s start off gently with this catchy toon by no other than Bubba Sparxxx. But I guess you knew that... Go on, click, you’ll enjoy it and head for your night out with a spring in your step.


Below is raunchy number two, assuming you called the one above number one, and this one’s a bit naughty so please, if you’re a Timidadian or one of the ever increasing number of the perpetually offended, move right on. That is unless you need something new to be offend by.

Last, but not least, if you’re a feminist, don’t even think about it. And if you’re a feminist wot lives in a city and thinks O’bummer’s been doing a bang-up job, trust me, if curiosity gets the better of you and you do click, you’ll be going over the edge. Just don’t click, okay?


Man, good ol’ country music sure has come a long, long way eh? As, indeed, has body painting...

Quote;  Harlan Howard.

“Country music is three chords and the truth.”

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