31 Jul 2016

And Then An Apology...

...to Caratacus and A. K. Haart.

Phase One: Not too long ago I posted about my experience regarding ordering an item online, from some retailer who, going by the name, is based up a really big South American river.

Phase two: Today I did one of my infrequent visits to the area below the hood of this place and, as I was there, decided to check if there was any junk stuff lurking therein. Happily, there wasn’t. Sadly, I spotted two comments to the above linked post that I hadn’t had the courtesy of responding to and for that I apologise; and that, including the title, is twice.

For me, once a post is posted it’s on it’s own and I expect them all to fend for themselves.  I almost never revisit the spawn of my keyboard.  Back in the beginning, I asked Google, nicely, to notify me by E-mail if/when a comment is left. 

For some reason, Google dropped the ball with these two comments so I was totally unaware they were there - so for the third and final time, I apologise to you both for the lack of response. Please note, three’s my absolute, extremely rarely used, upper limit when it comes to apologising thus I trust you feel honoured to be in receipt of the maximum.

Caratacus: You can still get that? Have you seen this? I’ve been unable to get their basic joint pill for a long time now but, on the plus side, after bone-bender-boy did his bit and I got my water intake back up to between one and two litres through the course of each and every day, my back be cool. That is that then – no doubt I’ll awake in agony tomorrow.

A. K. Haart: You’re right. Just about every new electrical gadget seems to have the ability to go into standby, go to sleep or be shaken awake - but finding a way to actually turn ‘em off is becoming increasingly complex.

Quote;  Amit Kalantri.

“If an apology is followed by an excuse or a reason, it means they are going to commit same mistake again they just apologized for.”


Caratacus said...

Absolutely no ajopoly needed ... :-)

Ref: C's little helpers - one of the small advantages of having a multi-national workforce in this country now is the ability to arrange for the import and export of small personal items to aid one's tottering passage through ones allotted span. The Memsahib manages a nursing home with about a dozen different nationalities working there, and a small handful of euros invested wisely when one of them goes home for a bit of R+R ensures a plentiful supply of the old Voltarol to keep Caratacus upright for a little longer yet. Interestingly, a box of them costs €3.40. If the nervous ninnies in the Dept. of Stealth allowed their continued prescription in this country they would be £8.40 a pop. Robbing lot of sodburys ...

Mac said...

Very enterprising indeed. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?
It seems the loin enders will continue to get their preventative drug supplied by the NHS after they staged a couple of days of sulking, but a pill for the relief of joint and muscle problems, suffered by so many working folk and the elderly, requires subterfuge to obtain. It’s an upside-down blue do.

A K Haart said...

No apology needed - just look how long it took me to spot it.