25 Jul 2016

And Then A Cool Sound...

Just in case you’re going to stay home rather than go to some music joint on the off chance some whiz-bang made it past the bouncers rather than detonating himself in the street, check this out. It’s rather sort o’ jazzy and features a pretty cool saxophone that bounces nicely through the headphones.

It may prove a tad therapeutic if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck in one of they traffic crawls towards Dover. Especially if you’re at the Birmingham end of the queue. Bummer of a start to your holiday eh? Why are you going to France anyway? It’s pretty much the same as here but the locals talk funny and it’s really hard to understand them. What’s that you say? You’re just driving through France to get to Spain? And you call that a holiday? Damn!

It’s also good company while doing that Blog reading stuff and surfing the Web for knowledge – or a good laugh. Or both. One point; the saxophone; you think it’s a saxophone you blow into or is it an electrically generated saxophone-a-sound-alike? I’m tempted to side with electrickery.

Spookily, the number is ‘Happy Endings’. Anybody see one of those on the horizon yet?


Quote;  Eleanor Catton.

“The saxophone does not speak that language. The saxophone speaks the language of the underground, the jaded melancholy of the half-light  - grimy and sexy and sweaty and hard. It is the language of orphans and bastards and whores.”

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