4 Jul 2016

And Then A Refinement...

Further to yesterdays post, may I offer refinements to the idea of UAUT and  a little look a tad further into the future.

A method will be required to simplify the management of VAT and UAUT so lets just lump VAT and UAUT into one item; VATUAUT - trips off the tongue does it not? This will make it easy to administer and, spookily, the businesses own bit, UAUT, will be just marginally higher than the government VAT bit - to cover administration costs you understand. Shops win, win; doubles all round!!

With advances in technology, we may one day see the introduction of some form of scanner, at the entrances to all shops and stores, that scans for the presence of any smoking or vaping materials concealed about the voluminous folds of our outer garments, traces of tobacco on breath and/or the lingering odour on clothing, and trigger a significantly higher UAUT rate on those bad, bad folk.

As for snowflake safe spaces, there’s a way to alleviate the need for store management to provide these spaces and also increase profits by maximising check-out and till throughput speed. How? Well, install turnstiles at entry points. So? So, we already have contactless bank cards, right? So as you’re scanned for tobacco and such, you’re bank card will be scanned and processed. Should you be in possession of a maxed-out card, as you approach the turnstile it won’t open. What do you do in such circumstances? Push it, right? The maxed card holder, upon attempting this manoeuvre, will  receive a short sharp shock of electrickery accompanied by electrically generated laughter and the loud message, ‘Maxed card alert. Entry denied.’ and more laughter. They will then, embarrassingly, have to withdraw to their own safe space. And no amount of, “But I want it NOW!” will get ‘em in.

This will for sure speed-up checking out as the chance of being stuck behind someone repeatedly inserting or waving their card in or over those key pad thingies and hoping the ‘No Funds Available’ message  will magically change, on the thirtieth attempt, to ‘You’re cool. Double up if you want.’ will be a thing of the past. Till throughput maximised.

This could also have the knock-on effect of, possibly, instilling a little financial discipline into the card holders after a couple of embarrassing entry refusals. Again, win, win.

Can’t be done? Think how much technology we now take for granted that we thought, not all that long ago, would never, ever be possible.

As Ripper points out, “Online shopping.” But...

Quote;  Will Rogers.

“Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people that they don't like.”

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