19 Jun 2016

And Then We Grieve...

And oh boy, how we grieve.  If you had nary a clue as to who Jo Cox was, or what Birstall meant, before Thursday I’m betting you’ve got a pretty good idea now that the entire MSM has declared a new Diana moment.

As sad as it was it just won’t go away will it? Cynical old cynic that I am, I can’t help thinking, cynically, it could have something to do with the chap allegedly shouting ‘extreme right wing’ things coupled with that big vote thingy coming up so soon. How cynical is that then?

It’s also amazing, to me, how so much was known, so soon, about the bad man wot did it. Name, address and, spookily, right down to his ‘far right’ leanings and his affiliation to ‘neo-nasty’ groups all round the world. It is only mentioned at the end of bulletins, in a whisper, that the guy has mental health problems i.e. he’s totally nuts.

Compare and contrast if this heinous crime had been perpetrated by one of our newest, bestest ever friends. Something along the lines of this you think?

A witness stated he heard a man asking for directions to Alan’s Snackbar when shots rang out. Police said a male, aged in his early fifties, is assisting with their enquiries. This would, in the space of twenty four hours of the usual oh dear, how sad, what a shame comments from the usual suspects, move from top to middle to the bottom of the news until, many days later, once it was a back page entry, the MSM would be ‘obliged’ to disclose the guys name but quickly qualify this by stating that his friends where surprised and shocked as he was such a quiet, pleasant fellow who liked nothing better than hanging out and helping at the local youth clubs. This would be preceded and, to make sure we got the message, concluded with the ever popular rider that the authorities had stated categorically that this was a loan wolf incident and thus had nothing to do with Islam.

While typing the above, something popped into my head. I quickly looked left to see if her along the sofa had a gun and having confirmed that to be a negative, set about figuring out what was just out of reach in the grey soup of memory.

It started to take shape and that’s when I did a Google. Later, after I’d cleaned myself up, I did a search holding little hope of any chance of firming up my misty memory.

Hah!! Me of little faith! While typing the above, the name Abdul slipped, unbidden but unsurprisingly, into my swede. This escalated into an incomprehensible jumble which was my search criteria and, against all the odds, I found it first rattle out o’ the box.

I do remember it was a favourite of music hall acts appearing on Workers Playtime on the wireless for a long time and is probably considered as none P-C now even though it’s still relevant to present times and events.

Pardon? You’ve had enough of this preamble? Hay, you don’t have to read everything, you can just go to the blue bit and click. You do know you can do that, right? Anyhoo, go now and if the link stirs memories, then you’re way older than you’d like to pretend you are.

WARNING!! If you do remember it and thus play it twice, trust me, as simple as it is, it’ll take up residency in your head for at least a week...

The YouTube right side will lead you on a most enjoyable journey back in time. Like this. You know that one eh? Or maybe you have the answer to the question that’s been puzzling academics for generations; What Kind Of a Noise Annoys An Oyster.

Quote;  Toba Beta.

“News told, rumors heard, truth implied, facts buried.”


Ripper said...

Mac - I think you would find this very interesting:


Mac said...

I’m not adverse to a good conspiracy theory and if, at some time in the future, unlikely as that is, it was discovered that this nut had been located and ‘nurtured’ by dark forces, wound up tight and released into the wild, I sure wouldn’t fall over in amazement.