16 May 2016

And Then A Charter...

That didn’t take long did it? The government, after all the tough talk leading up to the new BBC Charter, caved in and basically gave them a ‘just carry on doing what you’re doing’ charter.

I can imagine the sharp intakes of breath at BBC HQ when they realised they’d basically got off scot-free - quickly followed by hearty celebrations**. And how do the BBC thank them and us for their fairly free pass? By firing a broadside at us, that’s how.

This, if it comes to pass, is not so much a nudge, nudge, but more like a whack in the head with the extremely thick end of a jolly big wedge. Muslim critics have suggested that the BBC could televise...” Meanwhile, a Christian critic, in a country not too far away...

**’Celebrations’ reminded me of the old story relating to the word, ‘celebrate’. See? There’s always a smile to be had.

Quote;  John Buchan.

“An atheist is a man with no invisible means of support.”


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