14 May 2016

And Then A Bit Of Fear...

With David Come-undone continuing to headline the 2016 UK Fear Tour, with supporting acts by the usual hooks, crooks and comic singers, I was taken by the banner to this piece;
Unexploded bomb in Bath deactivated by experts.” I was wondering Dave, will we all get one if we vote to go?

I’m guessing it wasn’t Mr Mirage’s bath as Bath was capitalised so it must be the town of Bath. We can but imagine the relief of those who’s homes where in range of said bomb to learn it was going to be disarmed by experts rather than the police shouting out, “Yo!! You from number thirteen Rubbly Avenue, you’re first up to have a go, okay?”

After last nights bit o’ Bob, this headline brought to mind another bit o’ Bob, from back the way. A smile for Saturday.


Pardon? Some music? Okay, try this. I’d never heard this before but I caught a bit of it in an advert and managed to net the sucker via that magic song catcher. It is, of cause, Changes by Faul and Wad. Yeah, that’s what I thought, but it’s pretty catchy. Please note that if you’re using earphones, after the singing bit at the beginning, the bass line kicks in and could well cause a nosebleed. The sound’s reminiscent of Candy Dulfler don’t you think? Pardon? Oh, okay. Go left to Stuff I Like and try Lily Was Here.

Quote;  J. G. Ballard.

“Almost pedantically, she added: "They're not really bombs- they're acoustic provocations.”

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