20 May 2016

And Then Some Washing...

Man, has it been that long? Gives you some idea of the many somethings I had to do and the places I had to go to see the people I had to see.

it all culminated this morning with having to pay a little money, I say again, a little money, into the bank. Have you noticed when you do this recently that the cashiers ask, as not so much a question, more a jokey comment, where the money came from? “Been busy on E-bay then?” Sort o’ like that.

I was ready and willing to offer-up my answer this morning.
”I’ve noticed in the financial news recently the proliferation of headlines regarding money laundering. So, here I am.” You see ‘So’ sneak in there? “And let me tell ya’, I sure won’t be doing that money laundering thingy ever again as I’m obviously not smart enough. See that little pile I’m paying in? It should’ve been huge but the vast bulk of it was destroyed during the final rinse and spin cycles.”

This was greeted with a blank look so blank in its blankness that it scored a perfect 10 for blank looks and was easily the days blank look winner.

In other news I see it’s day one of putting a perfectly legal product, already kept behind vision proof doors, in plain packaging.  On the bright side, there’ll be a boom, on many levels, in cottage industries. On top of course, the counterfeiters and other assorted bad boys, going all the way down to off-grid cigarette case makers and decorators.

Have you seen the plain packaging? You have to ask yourself how far the meaning of the word ‘plain’ can be stretched do you not?

                   web-cigs                      original
              My idea of ‘plain’.            Their idea of ‘plain’.

Is that it then? Are they happy now, or what passes for happy in their warped world? You’re kidding, right? Wine next? You want a bottle of Bo-jolly on your dinner table with pictures of rotting livers all over it? You’re having wot tonight? Liver? Bummer.  Standby for a surge in sales of crystal and plastic decanters.

How do we rid ourselves of these meddlesome self appointed puritans?

Quote;  IRS Auditor.

“The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money.”

            Sam Ewing.

“Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.”

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