20 Apr 2016

And Then Food For Thought...

And a beautiful day it was. So beautiful was it that we took off and spent the day wandering round one of they places called a bird and animal garden. Not a proper zoo you understand, but a tad more diverse than a petting farm. This place was just five acres of very nicely laid out parkland with discreetly fenced-off areas housing the usual selection of more or less farm animals and cleaver, very large, almost invisible, caged bird areas.

The highpoint for her outdoors was the chance to get up close to they goofy lookin’ Alpacas with the eyes I’m sure are photo shopped onto all those pictures of ‘refugee’ children.

      Alpaca 7   Alpaca 3   Alpaca 2

On the left, a recently arrived Alpaca who was smuggled into the country amongst a legitimate load of Llamas. Centre is a young refugee Alpaca still stuck in a camp the other side of the channel and I believe the picture on the right is of the lead UK spokes-Alpaca for the EU Remain Packers.

However, the highpoint of the park visit for me, which earned me a tap on the shin from my little nest of vipers, was when I was proffering the entrance fee to the official ticket issuing authority and he, for it was indeed a ‘he’, asked, “Would you guys like a bag of Alpaca food?” 
I responded with the only possible response. “That’d be a bag o’ grass, right? No thanks; we plan to grab a bite to eat at your
cafĂ© before we leave.”
This passed over the official ticket issuing authority’s  head higher than a Heathrow attack drone.

Quote;  Llama Queen.

“Llamas can drive... they just don't know it yet.”

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