23 Apr 2016

And Then They Just Keep Passing...

They’re ‘passing over’ at an alarming rate this year it seems. Bowie, Haggard, Corbett, Prince, Wood and and so many others. Then I learn from the news this morning that Shakespeare's dead. Apparently he was some sort of writer; for Victoria Wood perchance? Anyhoo, when you’re of an age, all this dead news gives you pause for thought and reflection. Also luck as you think to yourself, ‘Sad, but that’s another one I’ve beaten’. Talk about the last man standing.

I’m guessing this spate of celeb deaths will shortly be announced to have been brought on by the unbearable stress they suffered while imagining the dire consequences of a vote to leave the EU.

In other news, I note Barry O’Barmy has been telling us all how to vote. Bravely done you, I say. Now please wind your neck in and go home, okay? Oh, before you go, what was that you said? If we leave the EU we’ll be way at the back of the queue? Barry, surely you meant the Americanism ‘back of the line’, right? Haaay, wait a cotton pickin’ minute! Dave, you wrote that for him didn’t you? I saw you standing next to him, smiling simperingly, while Bazz belittled the country you were elected to defend so I’m guessing you did. Bad boy!! You hear me David? Bad, bad boy!! Get in your basket! Now!

Before I go, and I hope that doesn’t relate to paragraph one, next time you roll home from work, flop on the sofa and think what a God awful, stressful day that was, reflect upon this and lighten up. With Mr Come-undone flitting round the country, popping up all over the place, the Queen doing walkabouts for her birthday and then that American dude flying in, imagine, if you will, how many hours sleep our security service people have managed over the past few weeks/months and the stress level they’re working at. Kind o’ puts your idea of a stressful day into perspective does it not?

Quote;  James F. Byrnes.

“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.”

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