19 Apr 2016

And Then A Charge...

So there I wuzz, just a sittin’ an’ a listenin’ to the BBC, which resulted in slight ear bleed, when her indoors says, “I need to charge my phone,” and I thought, ah ha! Me too. How about her MP3 player? Then I remembered I needed to charge my razor. Here we go; are the toothbrushes charged? How about our little tablets? All charged up? Don’t use it much now, as the car has one, but I haven’t charged the Sat Nav in an age have I? Did I recharge the drill after the fence project? Is that window vac lookin’ thingy charged?

After a while I started to wonder who the hay was actually in charge here.

In the latest  EU news, yesterdays apocalyptic  statement from George One-Born-Every-Minute, neglected to mention, or take into account, the four day old news relating to the club he wants us to stay a fully paid-up member of: Eurozone banks' £715bn black hole threatens economy: IMF report accuses EU of failing to address huge problems affecting the financial sector.

George, as the old saying goes, many of us may well have been born at night - but it wasn’t last-night.

Quote;  Jane Brox.

“Soon now, the faint tinkling of a broken filament will become another sound of another century.”


Caratacus said...

Is it just me or does Mrs. Osborne's little boy's voice sound like the strangled flatulence of a goose losing its battle during its early morning foray to the lavatory department? And four grand per year per household? - sounds pretty good value for independence to me - I'll pay :-)

Mac said...


Spot on! A bit like that whiny voiced class swat we all had to suffer when we were 11 - 12 years old. Remember him? The kid all the other kids tried to trip up or push over when the bell rang.
Yes, a small price to pay if it means our own media doesn't end up becoming full of reports like these;