7 Feb 2016

And Then That’s Settled....

I’m jolly late with this and I’m sure you’ll have seen it and laughed. What am I on about? Well, as they’re wont to start, it’s that ol’ climate thingy and all those folk drawing humongous stacks o’ cash to prove it’s happening.

Someone has woken up to the fact that they’re all saying it’s happening and that’s that. It’s settled. So guess wot? We don’t need you anymore and between three hundred and three hundred and fifty chaps and chapesses will lose their ‘funding’.

Suddenly a lot of Profs who told us the debate was over are squealing that it needs more research. Climate science was “beyond debate” and in need of action, but now we “need to know more about the basic operation of the climate”. Oh the dilemma!

Lighten up your evening and read all about it over at JoNova’s site and wonder how many climate gang bangers, currently being ‘employed’ on the tax payers dime, could be released back into the wild over here...

Yesterday, I watched some of the BBC news channel and, from what I saw, it was pretty much wall-to-wall refugee coverage with lots of the standard clips of runny nosed bug eyed kids. The refugee coverage was liberally peppered with mentions of those pesky Russians along with the expected mentions of ‘so called’ Islamic State.

There was surprisingly little mention, considering this was the BBC, of the news that Mr. Cummerbund has apparently instructing his MPs not to think about their constituents  but to focus on what HE wants. So they have to do what Dave wants and not what many of their constituents, who obviously voted for ‘so called’ Conservative party, may want. Some say good ol’ Dave; others tell the truth.

Dave, I’m guessing you’re busy composing your congratulatory missive to the Dim Dong’un, another staunch Conservative over there in NK, on the successful launch of that rocket. Don’t forget this old line buddy; I fire my rocket in the air, it comes to earth I know not where.

Quote;  Dorothy Gambrell.

“If television's a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian who won't shut up.”

             William Scott.

“Wait a minute! I'm not interested in agriculture. I want the military stuff.” {Said during a briefing about ‘military stuff’ in which officials began telling the President about missile silos.}

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