25 Feb 2016

And Then, Our Flag....

I see the Divine Cummerbund did one of they ‘In’ thingies the other day and it’s good to see that despite wanting us all to remain chained to a bunch of unelected ‘leaders’ over there, he was still patriotic enough to hold his jamboree in front of our flag. Oh, wait a minute...

Hay Dave, it’s our flag not just yours to play with, okay? 
I was brought up in a time when we were taught, from an early age, to respect the flag and to understand that defacing the Union Jack, in any way whatsoever, was the height of disrespect bordering on treason. Is there anybody with a voice going to call Dave out for debasing our flag for his own perceived political gain? How times have changed.


Anyhoo, I’m a simple person, some may say simply dumb, but when the talk turns to all the jobs and trade that’ll be lost if the people here have the temerity to vote to leave I just cringe.

We’re continually frightened into believing that trade with the EU will end resulting in huge numbers of job losses owing to the almost total collapse of our industries should we vote to leave. This will mean the end of civilisation as we know it and we’ll have to return to being hunter gatherers although I honestly can’t see that option getting off the ground owing to health and safety constraints.

I’m more of the opinion that our industrialists, rather than resorting to sobbing in their ‘safe spaces’, will  take note of their company bottom-lines and very quickly take up the slack resulting from any lost EU exports by starting to manufacture, locally, any lost EU imports. Once upon a time we were known as Great Britain and it wasn’t because we’re a great big island.

Mr Frost  sums it up beautifully, copied and pasted with apologies, over at Nanny Knows Best;
   “As we are set to endure four months of 24/7 media/political hysteria over the forthcoming EU referendum, may I make one wee observation re Cameron's daily warning about "leaps in the dark"?
This country made its fortune, and survived continental domination, by taking leaps in the dark and not playing safe!
   History remembers the bold, not the faint hearted!”

Quote;  Harvey S. Firestone.

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership."

            Warren G. Bennis.

"The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog.  The man will be there to feed the dog.  The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment."



Caratacus said...

Don't know if you've ever read "Illusions" by Richard Bach but (if not) you may find this bit interesting. It's the Amazon page that lets one read a bit before purchasing and so forth. You may have to spool forward a bit to where the handwriting starts and it's chapter 11 onwards that rang a chord ...


Mac said...

Thanks for the link. For me, it cuts off the 'read' after a couple of lines of chapter 11 so I've now downloaded a copy in PDF format and will, happily, be able to start at chapter 1.
My thanks once again.