27 Feb 2016

And Then It’ll Be Our Fault....

As if we didn’t know that global economies had been slowing down since, oh I don’t know, 1960{?} and it’s now been headlined that if we vote to leave the EU the world will go into shock and it’ll all, past and future, have been our fault. Damn! How scary is that? They’ve convinced me. I’m voting to stay under the bed.

In other news, over at Private secret Diary there’s a fascinating article relating to Rubik's  Cube and record setting. I am happy to report that I can beat that record. Okay, not quite the same but let it be known I first tried that cube back in about 1990 and still haven’t completed it. I feel I must also add that I gave up trying in about 1990 and a little bit. I may try again as I believe it can be found as an app now. Is that, like, awesome or wot? I’ll have to Google** the sucker.

I also found the missing apostrophe doo-dad of interest. It’s indeed a strange little fellow isn’t it? See how much better that reads rather than, ‘It is indeed a strange little fellow is not it?’

I certainly didn’t realise there was an accepted convention on the number of exclamation marks that should be used and I thank the author for that information. I thought you just used from one, for being mildly exclaimed, to very many to signify extremely exclaimed. I did, however, learn not long ago that if you do that dot thingy signifying a pause as in... Where was I? Like that, then only three dots should be used. Wait a minute!!! I should change my headline should not I...

**By the way, do you trust to the impartiality of Google? You do? Have a bit of fun then; type Happy American Couples into you browser search bar and then click on Images. Yo, cool eh?

Quote;  Doug Larson.

“If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.”

            Doug Larson.

“If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.”


Ripper said...

Hey Mac! Google is fun. Try typing some of the following into the Google search bar:

Do a barrel roll
Tilt (or askew)
Google zipper (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)
Atari breakout (then go to images)
Zerg Rush
Google pacman (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)
LOL Limewire
Google mirror (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)
Google gravity (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)
Google sphere (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)
Google pirate (followed by the 'I'm feeling lucky' button)

Google Maps:
Go to Earls Court Station in Street View. Outside the station is Dr Who's tardis. You can enter it and take a look around.

Your imagination is the limit when route planning - for example, if you plan a route from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, Google will give you the route option of travelling by Royal Carraige. Ask directions to Mordor!

I need to get out more...

Mac said...

Thanks for those and I'm working through 'em.
You need to get out more? I never knew you could do that stuff with Google so I guess I need to stay in more.