1 Feb 2016

And Then, Navigation....

Talk of cars in the comments, well, actually talking to cars, reminded me of my Tom Tom adventures of some time ago. 2010? Man, how far away was  that dust cloud back then?

Most times we go for a drive I don’t use the navigation thingy as we just like to meander round the country side in a meandering sort of way. If we end up hopelessly lost we just continue to meander ‘till we find a hostelry that serves food. Hay, why not? That way, you can find a few out of the way places selling out of the way food. To be fair, there’s also some amazing food hidden away as well.

Anyhoo, if lost and in a pub, we’ll eat then prepare to the drinking bit of the establishment and enquire of the patrons how to get to so-and-so. Once the laughter has subsided we attempt to take onboard the directions given without looking totally dim.

Upon leaving the hostelry our first mistake with the directions is usually to take the wrong turn leaving the car-park. That’s the time I turn on the navigation and hit ‘take us home’. After much computer generated laughter, the guidance system kicks in and we take stock of where we are. Once we’ve stopped laughing, we proceed towards home.

Oh, look! That pub over there serves food!!

As I’m talking navigation and for a bit of fun this evening, try this classic. You seen that one Grandad Rambles? Stupid question; of course you have.

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”


Grandad said...

Heh! I hadn't seen that one before. Not that it makes much difference - always found the Norn Iron accent a little tricky.

Mac said...

Glad you liked it. Gave me a happy chuckle.
As for your 'local', I still go to mine regularly. Sadly, it's now just in my head residing in memory.
Strange, is it not, that as you get ever older, more and more is forgotten yet I can still remember every aspect of the local and all the occupants in minute detail. So very much has been lost; and for what?
Just another way of 'preventing' more than three like-minded folk congregating and, possibly, organizing...