31 Jan 2016

And Then A Song Catcher....

As rightly surmised by Ripper in the comments, I ‘found’ the first of last nights musical treats via the little tablet whereupon is installed, for those with an interest, Sound Search for Google Play. If you happen to be a working person who spends their days in one of they tower blocks, and had that thingy installed on your smartphone, imagine, if you will, how useful that would be in helping you complete your back catalogue of elevator music classics. How, like, awesome would that be then?

Hear a catchy elevator song, tap your phone and get the song name, artist and how to buy the track. No, really, how to part with money for the song. Or, if you use Firefox, you could find the sucker on YouTube and use something like this video downloader. Then it’s just a matter of tearing the video apart with a bit o’ kit like Format Factory and Robert’s your mothers brother; you have a music file ready to store in that folder you called ‘Elevator Music I Subconsciously Grew To Love.’

The downside? You obviously need to be connected to the InterBrain for this recognition software to work, right? But I’m guessing the younger generation are connected to the Main Brain, one way or another, every minute of every day, so maybe not a downside at all.

So much for fun and I’ll leave you with something a tad depressing. Not as depressing as knowing we’ll be wiped out in a mere thirty million years, Puritans an’ all, but a tad depressing all the same. Been there? Read{red} that? Just in case, check this out from the keyboard of Orphans of Liberty; well worth a read {read}.

After checking that out, check this video out. WAIT!! DON’T CLICK YET!! This video is most definitely NOT for the Timidadians!! You got that? It’s full of naughty words an’ worse. If you’re a Timidadian and click on this link after the warning I can’t be held responsible for the resulting attack of the vapours you’ll undoubtedly suffer, okay? So for those of you with a good old fashioned strong constitution and of a free spirit and mind, here’s The Barack Obama Song.

Quote;  Kurt Vonnegut.

“No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious & charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful.”

             Theodore Roosevelt.

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”


Ripper said...

Mac, I've yet to re-install Format Factory and this article of yours reminded me to get it. So I used the link that you have posted here. The link took me to the site and all is well until I click on the download button, at which point Firefox blocks the page, saying that it is a reported unwanted software page containing malware.

I will install the version I had from my external backup drive and try to find another link to download from. Just thought I'd let you know.

I drive a Ford too, a 12 plate Fiesta Titanium Diesel. So many buttons on the dash that I've found it easier to issue voice commands. People outside the car think I'm nuts.

Ripper said...

By the way Mac, there's an easier method to get MP3 music from video. Having found the song title and artist with your magic tablet, go to youtube and find the video. Once on the correct youtube page, copy the URL from the address bar.

Load up Songr and choose 'Download from Youtube' from the File menu. You will then get a dialogue where you paste the URL you just copied, choose bit depth and sample rate, and below that, a choice to get the whole video or strip out the music. After a couple of minutes grinding, Songr dumps the MP3 file in your default folder. And it is tagged too.

Mac said...

I got two comments via e-mail but only one showing on-site and nothing showing to be pending. I'll do a little digging. Hah!! Spam!! I guess because you mentioned competition software? No real idea.
This is getting spooky; I have a 2011 Focus Titanium Diesel. I also talk to it but, unlike yours but very much like my little nest of vipers, it doesn’t respond in the expected way. Nice drive all the same. Maybe she’s right; change for what?
I wonder if browsers have started picking up on all the bundled trash that comes with a lot of free software? The home page hijackers, shopping tool-bars, dubious search engines and stuff like that that gets installed if you select ‘standard setup’ rather than ‘custom’.
You’re right. Songr does the trick. Forgot that. I forget a lot nowadays...

Ripper said...

I think the spam might be my fault Mac, I usually set the identity before I type out the message, I don't know why I do this, but by the time I come to submit the post, the captcha has timed out. It might just think I'm a bot or something.

My Fiesta is white. Perhaps you have another colour and its not so spooky then? Mine doesn't always respond as expected either, if I try to set the climate control it sometimes says 'Not possible', then goes ahead and does exactly as I had asked. I find the big secret of applying voice commands with my car is, speak normally and try not to pause. My ex nest of vipers would be an expert.

I think you may be right about the bundled stuff with Format Factory. There is a lot of it. I ended up dismissing the Firefox warning and downloaded it anyway. I did notice that Firefox did not mention malware, just 'unwanted software'. But, a really naughty thing I noticed with this version of Format Factory was the installer. Instead of the usual 'Decline' button and checkboxes, there are two 'Learn More' links, which have to be clicked on to reveal the check boxes. At first even I thought there was no way to skip the bundled search bar etc. But take a look at the bundled Picosmos Picture Tools. Awesome.

Mac said...

Spam? No problem my friend and I know what you mean regarding the hoops involved with commenting. I 'compose' my comments in Notepad or Textmaker then copy and paste.
That photo software is pretty good but way above what I would ever use now. FastStone and Irfanview do all I need these days.
You can't really blame these freeware guys bundling other stuff can you? They have to get a crust one way or the other I guess.
The car? Something they call Lunar - chosen by her indoors of course.