30 Jan 2016

And Then An Other Advert....

So there I wuzz just a tap, tap tappin’ on the taptop when a sound on the TV caught this sad ol’ man’s attention. With the cunning use of my little tablet – man, am I ever connected – I discovered it was Default by Django Django. Hay, I like it, although I have no idea what they’re saying towards the middle and ending bits, and if you’re heading out tonight it should/may get you heading down the road with a skip to your step.


However, if your staying home and need to listen to something else, try this wot is a classic from back in the day.


After last nights post and a restless night trying to comprehend the distances involved when it’ll take thirty million years for an object traveling at 193 miles per second to get here, I tried twisting my head yet further out o’ shape.

You flying on holiday this year? If you do, think of this. How early do you need to be at the airport nowadays? Two hours? Okay, while you’ve been checking in, frisked at security and just sitting in departures waiting for your flight, that sucker out there has traveled 1,389,600 miles.

For a total freak-out, I’m just past birthday number 69 so ol’ Mr Dusty Cloud’s traveled 6,086,448,000 miles since my birth. And it’s got thirty mill years, years yet to travel to get here? And it’s coming home? Hells bells, where’s that bad boy been?

Quote;  William S. Burroughs.

“Language is a virus from outer space.”


Ripper said...

Love the Django Django tune, its the jingle to the Ford Unlearn advert but didn't know that until you used the magic music app. Have you watched the advert? Boy, that new Mustang is hot, and I see Ford have also revived the GT40. The 2016 Mustang is affordable to someone like the average Merc/Audi/BMW buyer, £20K buys you a 2 door convertible with 3.7L V6 engine and 6 speed box. Hmmmm...

I wouldn't worry too much about the gas cloud Mac.. the moment it sees call me Dave staring up, it will probably take a sharp left and get the hell out.

All is still calm on the new PC front, though the OneDrive re-appeared in File Explorer, however it was just a shortcut and easily deleted. OneDrive is not installed.

I don't have a twitter account but a friend sent me a screen grab of someone asking a technical question on there...

What's the difference between USA and USB?

I guess he meant USB-A and the smaller USB-B, as on a printer cable. The answer he got was...

One connects to all your devices and accesses your data. The other is a hardware standard.

Mac said...

Yup, that's where I used Mr Music Matcher. I may have mentioned before, but it's Sound Search For Google Play. Something called Shazam gets higher ratings but I haven't tried it. Sounds a tad OTT to me rather than just telling you song name and artist.
Her indoors says the car we've got, spookily a Ford, is good enough. However, she's heading home this summer for a couple of months and who knows what may happen during her absence...
You reckon that cloud will veer to the left? Same direction as Dave?
USA vs USB; how true is that answer then?