29 Jan 2016

And Then, A Fond Farewell....

Well, that’s it then. It’s been fun an’ all, but there’s little point in carrying on now so I’ve just popped in to bid you all a fond farewell.

The news isn’t good you see. A bunch, or should that be a telescope, of astronomers have noted that a giant cloud of gas is heading/returning to this Milky Way of ours at a speed of 193 miles per second and they estimate that when it runs into us the impact could be so great it may form something like two million new suns.
A colossal cloud composed mostly of hydrogen is racing towards our galaxy at astonishing speed. When it collides, say scientists, the explosion will be spectacular.

And we have utter nutters trying to stop Earth from getting two degrees warmer? Two million more suns? Man, it’s going to be warm. That’ll really give the enviro loons something to bitch about. Or can one safely assume it’ll be game o’ bogey for us and this rock? I’d say definitely end of, right?  Thus the farewell.

Hay! Wait an astronomical second there! I checked the piece again and it would appear we still have some time on our hands. Paragraph one says three hundred million years but further down, and also on another site, thirty million years is the quoted time before the collision. Purely so I sleep better, I’m going with the three hundred million year option. Seems I may be Blogging for a bit longer.

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Quote;  Roger Zelazny.

“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.”


Caratacus said...

I don't need to cancel the milk and papers just yet then?

Mac said...

I think we'll be okay. However, I've cancelled the window cleaner. What's the point when they're just going to get blown out in the future?