22 Jan 2016

And Then, Two Little Problems....

Further to the post the other day regarding free English courses and visas, I see in the paper today it’s come a tad un-glued after the Home Office, yes, the Home office, published the guidelines relating to Mr. Commerbund’s announcement. A bit’s below, copied from the piece in the Telegraph. Spot the problem? Is that a tad sad or wot?


Hay, Home Office folk;
1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 02t m40r.

This, on top of the red door fiasco, is a bit depressing when you consider what else those at the top are responsible for is it not?

Regarding the red door panic, the best comment I’ve run into, with the usual apologies to the author, JoeSoap, for doing that copy an’ paste thingy, is this little bit of obviousness:

Supposing you lived in an house with a red door, and houses with red doors in your street were being attacked, would your response be:
a/ sit in your house, moan a lot, and wait for something to be done or;
b/ paint your door any colour but red?

Looks like a few more red doors are needed. Do a clicky jobby for some truly heart warming photographs of the meeters and greeters at St. Pancras Station.

You ever get the feeling that being in this country right now is a lot like sitting on a broken-down bus, looking out the window, moaning a lot and waiting for someone to come along to fix it? So you see JoeSoap, in a way we’re just the same as those ‘refugees’ with red front doors; the vast majority of us are just sitting on this broken-down bus,  looking out the window, moaning a lot and waiting for someone else to come along to fix it.

Quote;  Ogden Nash.

“A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.”

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