20 Jan 2016

And Then A Chain....

A post wot was posted over at Head Rambles a little bit after a while ago, relating to chain letters an’ such, reminded me of something. I’d left the kitchen sink taps running! I rushed to kitchen but, sadly, too late. The sink was overflowing and the deck was awash. I grabbed the mop but it soon became apparent I wasn’t making any headway at all.

Then, in a flash, I remembered what I had been reminded of in the first place and turned the taps off. This helped no-end and everything was then mopped up pdq.

Back on the sofa, my end, I spend valuable time putting everything I remembered into some sort of sequence so as to get back to the trigger reminder.  Then I remembered something that reminded me of chain letters and of something along those chain letter lines I was sent many, many years ago and which, for reasons probably obvious at the time, I saved. See? It’s got it’s time so, with careful editing so as not to frighten the horses and the Timidadians, here it is;


Well, after going through all that, a quick image search shows the above is plastered all over that WWW thingy. Is there anything left that isn’t on WWW?  Man, that WWW must be getting pretty damn full by now. I guess we still have XXX, YYY and ZZZ to go though, right?

Quote;  John Sandford.

“Lady, don’t take this the wrong way, but your nuts.”
”oh, go on. You sound just like the toaster."

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